What Driver’s License do I need to rent a vehicle?

Getacar Rentals recognises all current non-provisional and non-probationary Australian drivers licenses and current overseas licenses.The required driver’s license must be in English with photo and produced at the commencement of the rental. Should the license be in another language or have no photo, an International Driving Permit must accompany it.Please note:

  • Any vehicle that holds more than 12 people requires an LR license
  • Any vehicle larger than a 3 tonne truck requires an MR license
  • Any vehicle that holds more than 21 people requires an MR license
  • Any vehicle that is a 8 tonne truck or larger requires a HR license

How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle?

  • All renters must be aged at 21+ years for standard vehicles, at the commencement of the rental.

Is there an additional charge if there will be more than one driver?

  • No, there are no additional driver charges. All drivers must be present at the rental counter at the time of collection, we’ll then enter your details to the rental.

Once I have made a booking, can I change the details of my booking?

  • Sure. You can modify your booking prior to the collection date. You can alter your dates, times, vehicle type and additional extras prior to collecting your car. If possible, please ensure that your changes are at least 12 hours prior to your vehicle collection. Please note that if you have already collected your vehicle and want to make a change, its best to contact the collection location. Just refer to your contact details provided on your Rental Agreement.

How do I book online?

In order to book online, you’ll need:

  • Select the Type of Vehicle you are after
  • Search for the Getacar rental location from where you would like to pick up and return your vehicle.
  • Select the dates and time of your rental
  • Select your vehicle of choice and click on ‘Book Now.
  • Select any additional extras, such as child seats, liability reduction, Mobile GPS unit that you would like to add to your booking

To complete your booking you just need to provide us with your personal details (in some cases payment details are also required) and then confirm your booking.

Please Click on Quote & Book to make a booking.

Can I book more than one vehicle at a time?

Yes you can. Simply complete each booking and you will receive a separate confirmation number for each booking.

How will I know if my booking is confirmed?

When you make an online booking we will send you a booking confirmation by email. This includes your booking number, details of your pickup and return location, as well as the price and other useful information. We advise that you print it out and take it with you when picking up your car to speed up the process.

Can I cancel my booking free of charge?


Can I drive my vehicle off road?

All non 4WD vehicles are not permitted to travel on unsealed roads unless authorized by us in writing or on the face of this agreement. 4WD vehicles are permitted off road.

Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle prior to leaving the keys at the counter?

Yes, and if you found a new apparent defect (not listed on the vehicle damage sheet remitted at time of pick up) you have to inform the Getacar Rentals employee for joint examination.

Can you guarantee the make and model of the vehicle I prefer?

All vehicles are subject to availability. This means that we can’t guarantee the make or model of the vehicle, as we often have varying models within the same category. Just make sure you ask our staff at the time of collection and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Can you guarantee a specific colour?

No, unfortunately not. The colour of your vehicle is subject to availability, we’ll certainly do our best to meet your request however we can not guarantee it. Just make sure you ask our staff at the time of collection and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Can I book a Truck on your web site?

Yes you can. We have a comprehensive ranges of trucks, utes, buses and vans. In most instances you’ll be able to book in your vehicle and obtain an instant confirmation. In some circumstances, we may need to check availability and advise you accordingly.

I’m moving, can I rent moving equipment?

Yes. Getacar Rentals has a wide range of moving equipment from packing boxes and tape, to trolleys, dollies, blankets, ropes and tie-downs.

Can anyone other than myself drive the car?

Only those named on the Rental Agreement are permitted to drive a Getacar Rentals vehicle. When collecting the vehicle, each driver must be listed on the Rental Agreement and they must present their drivers licence at time of collection.

Can I extend the rental duration?

Extending the rental duration is possible at time of check out or during the rental itself. You will need to contact or come in person to the nearest location. The extension is subject to vehicle availability and extra payment.

Does Getacar Rentals offer one-way rentals?

Getacar Rentals is a Sydney based rentals company. We offer one-way rentals between our Caringbah and Arncliffe branches only.

Can I Rent a Baby or Child Seat?

Yes, Getacar Rentals can provide you with baby and child safety seats at an additional cost. Just make sure you select the appropriate seat at the time of booking in our options and we’ll ensure that it’s waiting for you upon your arrival. Please Note: it is up to the accompanying adult to fit the seat and step by step instructions will be provided to assist you with regard to this.

What if I have an accident?

If you are involved in an accident, you should do the following:

  • Call the Getacar Rentals Roadside Assistance number 1800 13 14 28,if necessary; immediately contact the police in case of third party liability and the emergency services in case anyone is injured
  • Do not leave the vehicle without making sure it is safe.
  • Write down names and addresses of all people involved and any witnesses never admit liability.
  • All vehicle repairs must be conducted with the formal approval of your nearest Getacar Rentals Office.

What if I break down or need help on the road?

  • Getacar Rentals provides free 24 hour Roadside Assistance in case of emergency, breakdown or accident involving your Getacar rental vehicle. Just call 1800 13 14 28

What if I lock my keys in the vehicle?

Roadside Assistance does not cover non-mechanical defects such as: lost keys, keys locked in the vehicle, flat battery due to lights being left on, running out of fuel, operator error etc.

Do you offer any long term rental discounts?

  • Yes we do. Our web site will vary in price depending on the length of rental. In simple terms the longer you rent the vehicle the cheaper the price. If your looking for a long term rental in excess of 30 days, please call our office on (02) 9540 5066 and they’ll be able to give you a long term rental price.
  • Renter’s current responsibility
  • From the time you collect your vehicle you and your nominated driver (as per rental agreement), are financially responsible for any loss of damage to the vehicle. This includes damage caused outside of your control including hailstorms.

Is Damage Cover included in the rate quoted?

  • Your rental fee will include our Standard Cover which includes your Third Party Cover (CTP). Your vehicle comes with a standard Vehicle Damage Excess

Can I reduce my liability?

  • Getacar Rentals offers customers two protection options: Renter Protection Package (PKG) for commercial vehicles and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) for passenger and light-commercial vehicles. (*Conditions and exclusions apply. See full terms and conditions for details.

What’s the cost of a rental?

  • Our car rental charges are calculated in periods of 24 hours. We do offer you a grace period of 1 hour, without additional charges being applied.
  • However, if you were to return your vehicle after 28 hours, you would be charged for 2 days. Refer to table for additional hire calculation. FROM TO CHARGE 0 Mins 59 Mins Grace Period 1 Hour 1 Hour 59 Mins 1/3 Of Daily Rental 2 Hours 2 Hour 59 Mins 2/3 Of Daily Rental 3 Hours + Full Daily Rate A full breakdown of charges is provided with your quote, so please Click Here to obtain a Quote and complete a Booking

Are there any additional charges to the rental?

  • Any additional charges such as Administration Fees and optional extras are all included in your Quote at the time of booking. Other extras such as refuelling may be applicable at the completion of your rental.
  • A surcharge of 5.0% will apply when paying by American express credit card.The 5.0% is calculated on the amount debited on your credit card. The owner of the credit card must be present at the time of vehicle collection. Cash payment is an accepted payment type, however a security deposit will be required. Please ask our friendly counter staff for further information.

Are my credit card details secure, when booking online?

  • Our online booking system uses Paypal for all credit card transactions. With their automatic fraud screening, 24-hour transaction monitoring and Seller and Buyer Protection policies, you can use your credit card with confidence.

Can I use a credit card up front and then pay for the rental with cash later?

  • Yes you can. We hold an estimate of the rental charges against your credit at the time of collection. Upon returning the vehicle, you’ll be asked if you want to proceed with the charges against that credit card or if you want to change your payment method. It’s important to note that if you decide to pay by cash, it may still take up to 4 days for the bank to reverse its hold of your funds on your credit card.

What credit card can I use?

  • You can use all the major credit cards and debit cards, providing they have the Visa/MasterCard emblem/logo on them. It is important to note that the credit card holder must be present at the time of collection.

Can I check rates online without making a booking?

  • Yes, you can use the Getacar Rentals website to check rates. All prices quoted on the Getacar Rentals Web site are guaranteed. Please Click Here to obtain a Quote and complete a Booking.

What is the minimum rental period?

  • The minimum rental period is 4 hours on some commercial vehicles otherwise 24 hours.

What refuelling options do I have?

  • Option One: If you don’t have time to stop for petrol and won’t be using a full tank, let us fill it up for you. You’ll be charged the location re-fuelling rate at the time of returning your vehicle, so please ask your counter staff upon collection.
  • Option Two: Make sure you go to a petrol station before returning your vehicle and bring it back full. This will avoid any additional re-fuelling charges

Can I return the vehicle outside the location operating hours?

  • Yes, you may return your vehicle when the Getacar Rentals¬†location is closed, to an alternative location. The vehicle will remain your responsibility until it has been checked by a Getacar Rentals Representative.

What happens if I return the vehicle late?

  • If the vehicle is returned up to 4 hours late a third of the rental will be charged. If it is returned greater than 4 hours late a full days rental is applied

Can I return the vehicle to a different location?

  • Yes. But please check with us before you are make a change after collecting your vehicle